Root trainers are specially designed containers for raising quality plants. They help to promote faster root growth, healthier plants, more secondary and tertiary root system, no coiling of roots. Root growth can be monitored without destruction of the plants. These containers are reusable systems which can be used for >5 years.

The design of these containers are such that it promotes profuse proliferation of root. It trains the root system to divide into secondary roots, tertiary roots and so on. The drainage hole below helps in drainage of excess water and avoid water stagnation conditions. These trays are kept above the ground hung using stands. This helps in auto pruning of the roots exposed to air when it tries to come out of the trays.

  • Root Trainer

The tap root grows straight down and when exposed to air, auto pruning happens. It also promotes air exchange and improves root respiration. This promotes growth of secondary roots. These secondary roots when comes in contact with the side edges, it promotes tertiary roots.

BioTherm Industries manufactures eco-friendly root trainers using wood plastic composite (WPC) material. Which is 50% wood powder based and 50% plastic. These give a very aesthetic look and also environmentally friendly. They are quality drop tested and last long for >6-8 years. We manufacture 90CC and 300CC capacity root trainers which are good for floriculture, horticulture and forestry species.

The stands for these trays are also made from WPC material which is water and weather resistant. The strips joining the legs are made from galvanised material. Which means it do not get rusted unlike general stands available in market made from iron.