BCX Rooting Solution

BCX Rooting Solution is very rich Humic acid based root solution, extracted from the bio chemical metabolism during composting. It is further enriched with essential micro elements which aids of better root and shoot growth.

♣ Rooting solution increases the plant cell permeability there by enhances nutrient absorption.

♣ Enhances phosphate utilization of plants.

♣ Enhances growth of beneficial soil microorganisms.

♣ Activates biochemical processes in plants.

♣ Has a high Base Exchange capacity.

♣ Stimulates root development.

♣ Stimulates overall plant growth.

♣ Stimulates metabolism

♣ Improves seed germination.

♣ Enhances bud break and root development during vegetative propagation.

Use of humic acids have been documented from centuries, the uniqueness BCX rooting solution is, it is enriched with micro elements with appropriate ratio. The absorption of micro elements enhances along with the presence of humic acids. The humic acid is extracted from biochar based compost and hence do not have heavy metal contamination unlike other humic acids extracted from lignite mines.


Contents Quantity
Humic acid ≥ 200 g/l
Natural auxins ≥ 5ppm
Nitrogen ≥ 1%
Phosphorous ≥ 0.2%
Potassium ≥ 0.3%
Calcium ≥ 0.02%
Magnesium ≥ 0.05%
Sulphur ≥ 0.03%
Iron % Traces
Boron % Traces
Copper % Traces
Zinc % Traces
Molybdenum % Traces
Pathogen Toxicity test No pathogens detected
Heavy metals Not Detected

NOTE:Above mentioned elements have been chelated as required.

Usage:Use 2-5 ml/ltr. of BCX Rooting solution as soil drenching. It can be taken up every 8-15 days interval on regular basis based on the crop and requirement.