BCX PathoRid

PathoRid is an organic extracts from medicinal plants. Extracts from medicinal plants which has proven track of control of bacteria, fungus, larvicidal and insecticidal activity are identified and used for extraction process. The mixture of these extracts have been formulated to provide a holistic approach to control pest and diseases problem in crops. Many scientific reports show the effect of bactericidal and fungicidal activity of the medicinal plants used in the preparation of Patho rid. This can be sprayed as foliar spray both as preventive and protective agent. The simplest effective method of controlling common pest and disease in plants.

The field trials have given substantial evidence against control of mite’s problem in tea gardens in The Nilgiris. It is effective against Helicoperva a bull worm variety effecting cotton industry. Effective against bacterial blight byXanthomonas bacteria in pomegranate a massive epidemic disease in and around South India. And also against Ceratocystisfimbriataand Fusariumoxysporuma major devastating fungal wilt in pomegranate.

Usage:Use 10ml/ltr. ofPatho Rid as foliar spray. The spray can be taken up every 10-15 days interval on regular basis as prophylactic measures.


Active Volatiles 20% Salicylic acid, 22,23 dihydro-alpha-spinasterol beta D glucoside
Active Volatiles 2-hydroxy benzoic acid
In-actives 30% Diluents and Preservatives
Pathogen Toxicity test It did not contain any detectable E.coli/Salmonella/ Faecal Coliform>1000 MPN/ml. Also, it was examined for E.coli 0157:H7 which was non – detectable at 0.02cfu/ml (<1/50 ml).
Heavy metals It did not contain the presence of any Heavy metals