BCX BIOCHAR BIO-ORGANIC COMPOST is produced from microbial digestion of “ORGANIC MATTER” like cocopeat/leaf litter/food waste/agricultural waste/any biodegradable organic material with the aid of “BIOCHAR” the “BLACK GOLD” and “Effective Microorganisms”.

This compost provides three ideal characters for supporting plant life; physical structure, chemically balanced organic nutrients and beneficial microbes. The unique features of this compost are;

  • BCX Biochar Bio-Organic Compost

♣ Improves soil texture, physical structure and increases soil porosity

♣ Improves root aeration, root respiration and better root growth

♣ Ideal balanced nutritional level with major, minor elements having fulvic and humic acids

♣ Colonized with beneficial micro-organisms like Azo, Pseudo, PSB.

♣ Colonized with bio-pesticides like Tricho, Braveria.

♣ Increases soil cationic exchange capacity hence increases more available ion to plants

♣ Biochar adsorbs the nutrients and releases slowly to the plant root system

♣ Helps in water retention and water conservation

♣ Absorption toxic phenolic leachates produced by some plant roots and reduces their adverse effect

♣ Avoiding leaching of soil nutrients during heavy rains

♣ Improves 10-40% plant growth and yield

Science behind BCX Biochar Bio-Organic compost

The Uniqueness of this compost is the integration of different ideas and methodology in formulation of completely novel product termed BCX Biochar Bio-Organic compost.

The first and the foremost is the “BIOCHAR” the “BLACK GOLD”. The most fertile lands on earth called Amazonian Black Soils of Brazil which have the highest organic matter and have been preserved from centuries. These soils have been developed over a very long period of time through anthropogenic practices by repeated integrated use of biochar in their agricultural practices. The biochar is the key component for the high fertility of the soil

Secondly, the concept of using few microbiologist have demonstrated that selectively use of few naturally available microorganisms can degrade the complex organic material into simpler organic matter at much faster rate. The collection of a mixture of microorganisms which consists of thermophyles, mesophyles, cellulose and hemicellulose degrading fungi, yeast, etc., which helps actively for disintegration of organic matter into faster rate is called “Effective Microorganisms” (EM). Use of the EM in composting will speed up the process of composting.

  • BCX Biochar Bio-Organic Compost

Third, the concept of Dr. Albert Howard for adoption of organic farming by use of agricultural and animal waste for improving the soil organic matter the key component for improving the soil quality as well improving the crop yield. Use of animal waste in composting will enrich the nutrient value of the compost. This has been the common Indian traditional practice for use of animal waste during composting.

  • BCX Humic Rooting Solution

The combination of all the three above concepts and methodology has the uniqueness of improving the composting quality which also has an added advantage of carbon sequestration by utilizing this compost.

About Biochar

BIOCHAR, the “BLACK GOLD” is the carbonaceous matter generated through partial pyrolysis. has a honey comb structure with a surface area of around 300-600 sq.mt./gram.

Biochar improves soil physical structure because of its high porosity in nature and thereby increasing root aeration and root respiration. The macro, meso and micro pores of biochar provides ideal physical zone for colonization of beneficial microbes.

Biochar not only increases plant yield, but also helps in carbon sequestration. Using biomass for generation of energy will trap the carbon present in biomass which in turn has been trapped from the atmospheric CO2. The energy generated from gasification of the biomass is utilized for productive use and the carbon trapped as biochar can be buried inside the soil. These carbonaceous biochar particle will remain trapped in soil for thousands of years. This will help both for carbon sequestration problem as well improving soil quality for better earth.

A lot of interesting and mind blogging information has been gathered and also pouring in for all over the globe about the biochar. In India, still very few are aware of benefits of biochar and lot of awareness is needed to educate not only farmers but also scientific fraternity.

We at PoinTec, care for the nature and step ahead with utilization of this wonderful method of carbon sequestration and improvement of Indian soils.

Usage: 2Tons/acre for horticulture/floriculture and general use. 5kg/plant for forestry and plantation crops.