About US

Biotherm Industries are the pioneers in designing of gasification systems for production of thermal energy through environment friendly technology called gasification using biomass on sustainable basis. Our indigenously developed gasification systems helps for tailor made designing of gasifiersbased on the requirement. We strive for catering services for providing thermal solutions for Klins, Boilers, Kitchens and any heating or firing or power generation systems. The thermal energy generated through gasification is as equal to conventional coal and can replace the polluting coal, diesel and other conventional power generation systems. The thermal energy or the power generated through gasification is the most suited environmentally safe and sustainable systems of power generation. The by-products generated through gasification is BioChar, the BLACK GOLD, and is completely utilized as soil amendments and this creates the complete recycling of the biomass and helps as carbon sequestration.

To meet the ever growing biomass demand for fuelling the needs of gasification and creating an independent and self-sustainable biomass generation close loop cycle, the Plantation Division of Biotherm Industries are into large scale biomass based plantation activities. Fast growing, environmental friendly, high yielding, high adaptability and socially acceptable biomass species are targeted for serving the biomass needs. Biotherm Industries have pioneered in developing large scale plantations on sustainable basis. The present and further expanding 400 acres of Casuarinajunghuniana, 200 acres of Meliadubia and 100 acres of bamboo are the captive plantations at Mundargitaluk, Gadag district, Karnataka, for generating raw material for gasification.

Indigenously developed organic inputs such as BCX Biochar Bio-Organic Compost, BCX Foliar Solution, BCX Rooting solution have shown extremely amazing results for enhanced growth of biomass plantations. These organic inputs have also shown amazing results for increased productivity in horticulture and floriculture plants. Using these products the yield in grapes, tomato, brinjal, mulberry, coleus, turmeric, marie gold flowers, sugarcane have increased close to 30-40% and much more. These enhancements are due to increasing the plant cell metabolism. On overall, we at Biotherm Industries serve to cater nature by creating sustainable technologies which creates better future and better world for future generations.